How to live pt.2

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How to live pt.2

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:09 pm

You must only drink and smoke. Food,not one bite. Medicine is okay to take but psychiatric medicines are mass produced and poorly researched. Do not take them. The drink you should but ration is milk. You will find as you come of age milk is hard to ingest. Use materia(aka "marbles.") And you will become accustomed to just drinking and smoking. Not eating.
Materia is life energy condensed. It imparts great wisdom on a beholder. When combined with but one,crystal of choice,it empowers beyond previous imagining. I carry 4 clear(rifaubua)10 green(poison roxette) and 4 black(black)materia and one red jasper.
The crystal is coherent to codes and words. If you put a religious or book of your choosing in a bag with say a garnet,you will become of that scripture or code. Be careful what text or code the crystal absorbs. It and you will become One with it.

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