Better than a bargain.(crimouskukikeZe)REVISION-3

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Better than a bargain.(crimouskukikeZe)REVISION-3

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What is the infinite... If we take easy normal and hard, then maybe extreme. First. What is normal? Normal is a point between easy and hard. a median. But what is easy? Easy is a life where everything is in abundance and the consequences of any action are light. Hard is a life where everything is in abundance and the consequences of any action are harsh. But of extreme? Extreme is a life where the consequences of any action are harsh and nothing is given nothing, is taken away except that which is no longer needed. The infinite is a sideways eight. It has four cutting corners and a central point. The central point is birth. The right top most point is the past, or easy. The left bottom point is the present, or normal. The top leftmost point is the future, or hard. The bottom remainder is the extreme. It has going to points, not mentioned here, but clear to see to all once this herein has been grasped. Grasping this you, are ready for this book and eternal mortal life. Wear a bandana around your neck, and be ready to cover your face in fear of lorraine Edith(_+.3gp)in her presence, once she has seen your face, shield your mouth.
"Is death ticklish? The mistress is." Read further.
The canonical compilation of the lives of those who are apostles and are Lorraine Edith.
Note: The chapel.
It is like a monastery. It is a building, in the fashion of a church. We have an organ, and a shop. There are 30 seats for guests. The rules are:
No smoking. If you want to smoke, go out to the courtyard.
Sandals only. No barefeet, no shoes.
If you cant hold it, and you need sex, we have a relief room. Go in there.
There is a 1 drink per three hours minimum. If you cant drink a glass of water we throw you out.
There are three elite guards with fully equipped dragon staffs at the door. If you pulled a weapon, you better be quick.
You must train if you have a body mass of over 30 in the chapel. If you cannot, we will help you. If you decline our help, you will be escorted out.
(Original Compilation of the CrimouskukikeZe compilation)

The book, CrimouskukikeZe, chronicles the lives and times of followers of CrimouskukikeZe and the art of ballet as a martial art, ninjutsu and grasps the concepts of eternal mortal life.
The word crimouskukikeZe, is derived from ancient Japanese, in a language called Kuro inire. The language uses throat expulsions, backwards written English, and vocal dexterity to achieve a point. The language is the native dialect of Kepler-186f, or planet Ho, a planet officially discovered in 2014. It is 500 light years away from earth, and is also nicknamed affectionately by the inhabitants as Contra Spirits. 99% of the planet, are eternal mortals who follow the religion of crimouskukikeZe. tickle torture clinics, are populated, and a no full sex rule is enforced by the hoatian and aprhodiatian government.
The author is the orignally, Texan-japanese Sidney Bogard Ricketts. In his first life of current, 44443, he derived from Kume island 7. His time there was spent training, and making ancient music. He was his sister, Eleazar Aces watch. Sidney Ricketts has watched 44443 of his brothers die at the hands of God, and now takes place as the dominant lineage lifeform. His spirit is from Kepler-186f, where he grew up in the state of irdushnie, Texas Japan, fawna, on Grass lane, countryside. As a young spirit, he prayed for his food, and learned to fly planes. As a driver, he is proficient, but excels at flying planes.
He vows to live life to its end and beyond, to compensate for the deaths of his beloved family, the knives teach him lessons of life, and the spirit. He currently watches his brothers in duality, try 44444, Mike Harold and Jack Raiden and prays in provision for them.
"I want the best for them. Mike has a problem with drinking and Jack Raiden is psychotic, but as my family I love them."
This book is an approximate chronicle scripture of the main apostles. The book, is written as passaged prose, and was comprised in 2017, started in Mary Seacole house by Sidney Bogard Ricketts (Aaron Colin Adams).

"I wanted to explain the religion from any person's perspective.
I started with the things I learned from prayer alone
The life of God is eternal.
The universe is infinite.
The life of a being is limited, man or machine.
So I kept training day and night. Eventually, I gained enough insight to write what we have right here.
Quoting the words of the Omni
"If I wants it's, I gets it."

This book is comprised to be of any, persons understanding. I hope you find it easy to read and educational."

To gain a basic understanding of crimouskukikeZe, you must first grasp a basic understanding of what tickle is.
tickle is basically, light force. It is low damage, quick action, amberdextrous attacking mechanismic engagement, and is the fore front of all martial arts. Children learn to tickle, and use this as a method of engaging from a young age. There is a science behind this, but it is mentioned further on in the book.

Quote from Sidney Ricketts: "If you ever see me look at you funny, I'm probably seeing archviles or knocked out. I have head trips about martial arts competitions."

The book you are reading is dedicated to Lorraine Edith, the founder of CrimouskukikeZe. She is a white gas cloud and energy, in outer space.

The quote of Lorraine Edith that lays down our religion is this:
"Listen to me.
There is no such thing as boundless slaughter.
But there is that there which there is an end to it.
You must follow the way,
Of the huge materia."
` -Lorraine Edith. Beginning of time.

The doctrines are as follows.
"Life is a matter of outer space survival. Life is a gift that can be given or taken away by God at any second."
The follower shall only eat meat if they are:

Critically sick
Or they have given all they have in training or combat.
The follower must, follow the art of ballet, and employ it as a martial art.
CrimouskukikeZe religion followers smoke and drink.

"Gods life is eternal.
The universe is infinite.
You as a being are limited of life.
Man or machine."
` CrimouskukikeZe
A canonical chronicle of the lives of the apostles of Lorraine Edith.

Olseuyi Omni
1. In the beginning there was the Omni.
2. Who made Goodness?
3 The Omni thought to himself.
God made time.
And it was pleasing to him.
But who made God
NO. GOD, made time.
And God, arrived in from 300 Billion BC.
"Owen. How is shalt keeping?"
Word of God. Of speed of God
"Ah. Language. Thine kepest moderathte."
Word of Omni. Of Africa.
"It isht' nodst good for us to be alone as men. I will summon Lorraine Kelly embarrassment."
And God summoned forth the pink gas cloud Lorraine K. Embarrassment.
"Hmm. Wouldsnt thou Ilk iq loh smoke a cigar?
Omni boomed. And Olseuyi and Ms Kelly smoked.
And the spirits of
Were born.
In outer space, they laughed, drank, smoked, did ballet and Allah also joined the party, accompanied by Lorraine Edith.
And Allah and Mrs Edith gave forth to the son Mike Fate
Allah truly blessed them all, as did the Omni,
And all the children bowed to Jesus in 30 BC worshipped
"His love endureth forever.
The universe.
A voidless mass.
Such forth requires an architect.
Enter God.
God said such as light and there was light.
God said such as man and there was now man.
God spoke and such was inhibited and unleashed.
The Omni was impressed.
But of the Omni?
The Omni policed their things.
Such was the concept of
and crime
and the Omni laid down the law.

Training and cultural values.

It may be hard to understand, but you are all that is. 2
What this means, is as a ballerina martial artist, a follower
of crimouskukikeZe,
3 you are of your own perceptions, hopes and dreams. Even what you see here.
4 You cannot,
as a follower of Lorraine Edith, say anyone is
or anything.
5 Each man is sane of his own right, all equal.
Understanding, this, you can begin to train of natural ability.
We walk miles, every day. Fighting with natural ability requires us to fight with
6 tickle(our hands) and kicks(our
legs) but to train to do this? Here is how.
In the morning.
1. Reverance.
Bow to the room, feet together.
2. Pile.
Crouch knees bended, then brook knees to the floor back to crouch. Do not worry if you topple.
Then rest knelt on your heels.
Kneel all fingers downwards interlocked and force them out in front of you, then kneel hands stretched out,
and press downwards.
3. Battement.
Force legs out sideways, backwards and when forwards, do push-ups, part the legs at the end of each battement.
4. Rond deh de jambe.
Place hands at the back of you and circle the foot in front of you. Repeat on next foot.
5. Grand battement.
Place hands at the back of you and kick upwards, repeat for both feet.
Repeat reverance.
6. Bench press.
Place the hands under the base of the spine lay flat on the ground, then force the legs out in front of
you. Hold till exhaustion. Repeat.
Repeat pile.

For kicking now.
1. Sigil stretch.
Arc one knee bent outwards and one leg stretched back reach down and alternate legs doing this same again.
2. Thigh bend.
Grip the foot and bend the leg to the back of you.
3. Heel grip.
Grip both heels and raise the ankles off the floor.
4. Kick out.
Kick the legs to the side repeatedly.
5 Knee-head.
Raise the knee to the head and alternate knees.

Then your core for tickle fighting.
6. Sit-ups.
lie on the floor and sit upwards repeatedly keeping the legs flat on the floor.
7. Push-ups.
Lie face down on the floor and push upwards on your hand's feet together.

Your stance is of, feet set back heel up, other leg out in front, one hand down, one hand up by face.

You will need to meditate to repair your legs. Here is how.

Kneel to the lord and imprint The Apocrypha on your heart.
Cross legs foot tucked into the thigh, barefoot or sandalled and read the Quran, Edith scriptures or The
Holy Bible.
Tuck one foot over the other sitting and hold for as long as you can.

Ninjas have taught us a lot, magic is tantamount.
The one you as a ballerina, a follower of crimouskukikeZe need, a ballerina street fighter, need, is rin. Here is
how you do it.

Middle fingers extended, all fingers interlocked.
Breathe. "Rin."
"Om varja mana taya swaha. Rin."
"On bai shira mana taya sowake. Rin."
"Oh thunderbolt to he who has power. Rin."
Then in your native tongue.
Here is also more on ballerina conditioning.
leg ceiling. Lie flat on the ground one knee raised upwards arched 15 point one foot directly at the ceiling 16 and hold it. 17 repeat on the other leg.
18 buttock raise. Get on all fours and point one leg directly out at 19 the back of you. 20 repeat on the other leg.
21 sit fly. point the arms outwards. 22 arch the knees upwards. 23 sit upwards and repeat for 30 repetitions.
24 arm up. Sit buttocks on the floor and arms bracing at the buttocks, 25 legs pointed outwards. 26 push up on the arms for 30 repetitions
27 leg reverie. lie on the floor and raise one leg. hold it backwards 28 with both hands. 29 repeat on the other leg, do it twice per leg.
Split training
Lie back on the floor, and part the legs sideways. Hold for as long as you can, and use a timer to record your record time.
Work on your attacks from tickle and kicking. Your throw will be your own.
4. Doctrines.
"Listen to me. There is no such thing as boundless slaughter, but there is that which there is an end to it.
You must follow the way, of the huge materia."
-lorraine Edith, beginning of time.

Followers of crimouskukikeZe believe life is a matter of outer space survival. Life is a gift that can be given
or taken away by God at any instant.

1. Gods life is eternal.
2. The universe is infinite.
3. Your life as a human or presence is limited.

We believe in a life lived without eating meat unless sick or wounded. Then we may eat, if sick, from the flock
or the herd.

It is a life lived by natural ability alone. Crystals and materia are equipped and carried, to decrease unnatural
boon, and tranquillizers are also taken.

We worship at Chapels,and also make love to prolong our lineage and decrease unnatural boon.
5 Science.
tickle science is the core of crimouskukikeZe. Here is how it is laid down.

cms=distance in centimetres


Particle=Dark matter/Temporal*freedat
Dark matter=Particle/Temporal*freedat
Temporal=Particle*Dark matter/freedat
Freedat=Particle/Dark matter*freedat

Heres how it works

8 The bio electrics(i,v,r)charge the radiation over distance and interact with data. The measurements are observed
9 and particle acceleration, dark matter fusion, temporal rifts and freeing of radiation based data occurs to create
10 a tickle response.

11 tickle stands for:

telephonic, inherent, computational, knesimis, logical, engagement.
6 Further body conditioning,

1 Exuberance, vitality, strong spirit, self-control, flexibility, and high speed are all a part of the crimouskukikeZe religion lifestyle. The first step to self-protection is weight loss, and although 2 conveniences such as cigarettes and slimming remedies, are harmful, in moderation, can benefit your training.
3 A person whose goal is to live as long as they can according to government legislation most dangerous enemy is themselves.

4 The crimouskukikeZe practitioner's trainings goal, is to surpass the limitations of physicality, and turn the body toward spirituality.The natural effort will drain the reserves, but this is what 5 Lorraine Edith wants:
"Sanitys edge. Keve watchu kave."(Kuro inire)
"Sanitys edge. Give what you have"(English)
To give all you have following this religion is to honour the goddess. 6 The spirit of the goddess Lorraine Edith gave all she had to make us oxygen, we must, give all we have to follow her example. You cannot just put in 99% effort, you must go the full distance, long distance, 7 for life, to satisfy the goddess and attain spiritual boon.
8 The mental habits of laziness and static status, can be overcome by periods of meditation. If the user is mentally strong, a hand symbol(i. Zen. Hands gripped in an eight postion. Mantra: om a rapa cha na dhi. Zen. breathe.) that invokes the power 9 of the crown chakra or indeed a crystal, would suffice in making the user more physically active. Getting a job or using the zen hand symbol 10 with mantras, to realize who they really are, would also help in this field. Mental habits can be broken, for the positive or negative. 11 but negative, it doesn't have to be this way. CrimouskukikeZe educates us to let go of evils, and accept the light energies and gases of 12 Lorraine Edith. The light, is the way of all understanding, if you do not know this, simply meditate and all 13 rages and aggression will be released as you indeed are enlightened.

14 Eating habits, can be determined as good, or bad, theoretically. But high fat and sugar-containing, foods, combined with yoga can offer definition and 15 increased stamina to an individual. Foods such as pizza or whole chickens, will offer incredible physical boon to a host. 16 But of crimouskukikeZe, eating of meat is done in dire straits. 17 Pizza and drinks, are of acceptance to the religion. The way of enlightenment, 18 is to consume as little meat as possible, to maintain natural boon, not supernatural.

19 The diet should be:
20 Boiled rice soaked in tea
Coffee mixed with milk and sugar
Energy drinks
Margareta pizzas

7 Leg strengthening.
1 The ballerina training regime, is done with great force and gusto. For kicking strength freedom, 2 much leg strengthening and training must be done. 3 The combat method requires maximum force and mobility of the legs, and relaxed, tense, and all out, 4 stretching methods are involved in the work. Eventually, the limbs 5 reach a level of mobility, that allows for naturally impressive motion, 6 grace and ligament flexibilities, of kicking expertise.
7 The following methods will expand on what we have learned before. 8 We will delve into the ninja secrets you need to become expert at the kicking arts. 9 We will talk of:
Muscle builders
Muscle flexibility
Time segments
and breathing, mentality, and visualisation.
10 We will go over the previous methods here, so do not worry.
thigh bend
Stand on one leg, and bend the other leg upward backwards, with the hand. If you need, brace yourself on a surface, with the free hand.
Visualize fire emanating from the held foot, scorching the body.
heel grip
Place both hands on a surface, and grip the heels together. Hold for 20 seconds.
Visualize energy however you want, pulsing between both heels.
Kick out
Kick outwards with both legs sideways, 10 times each.
Visualize red fire descending from heaven, filling your sex organs.
Sigil stretch
Bend one knee forwards, one leg stretched backwards. Fist downwards, and touch the ground. Repeat on the adjacent leg.
Visualize ice on the soles of both feet.
Knee up
Raise one knee upwards, and bend the head down. Touch the head to the knee. Use the arms to assist. Repeat on the adjacent leg.
Visualize yourself in outer space. As you exit the movements on both legs, take a gasp of air. You have survived.
8 Core strengthening
1 The core of your body is the key to speed and delivery of attack. 2 The way to learn this, is to first watch the consumption of foods. 3 One pizza is good, but a cigarette is good to 4 use after you eat 5 if the toppings are fatty or high 6 in proteins, 7, it is not good to eat such in a manner. 8 the way to eat, is of cheeses, nuts, pasta, and mostly drinks. 9, the core conditioning is not hard, but takes time to master 10 a set of 20 sit ups will force you backwards on your way 11 and you must realign yourself 12 to keep up the initiated training.
13 the way of core training is depicted here. Visualizations are given in this section as before 14 also.
15 Flat press
Legs on ground laid flat. Hands on shoulders, sit upwards, keep the feet on the ground.
Visualize brown earth enveloping your body.
16 sit up
Knees bent upwards, feet on ground, back on ground. Sit upwards, hands on shoulders.
Visualize purple fragarances and inhale. On the last repetition, force breath outwards and cough. You are alive.
17 Vanicsu!!!!
Feet above body, hands on shoulders. Sit up.
Visualize yellow and black smoke. On the last repetition, exhale. You have survived.
18 Bicycle kick
Lay on the ground, and cycle the legs
Visualize wind as you cycle the legs
19 Lateral sit up
Hands on back of the head, lay on ground. Raise knee to the elbows, repeat.
9 Arm strengthening
1 The arms are meant to deliver the light force 2 that kicks in the crimouskukikeZe art deliver 3 The arms do not do this alone. 4 the fingers also work, as do the elbows and cardiovascular system 5 to work with the light force methods in the art form. 6 drinking energy drinks can help with the method. 7 we have mentioned before about smoking cigarettes, 8 and we can safely say we do not need to go into it again 9 the light force method is simple. You do not need to give all you have in one attack, or one exercise, there is plenty of time. 10 if you have discipline, you can gain results you need over time and effort. 11 the methods of arm strengthening are mentioned here, and visualizations are given also
Push up
Press upwards on the hands and feet placed backwards. Keep the back straight and arms wide apart. Repeat.
Visualize green grass beneath you with flowers
Breakdance push up
Push up feet on the floor, kick in then kick out, then squat down and sit up, then push up again. Repeat.
Visualize sonic pulse hitting your body.
Fingered push up
Push up on the fingers. Repeat.
Visualize sonic pulse pulsing out from your body
One handed push up
Place the leg adjacent to the arm. Push the other leg back. Push up on one hand.
Visualize a beam of light coming down from heaven filling your body. The colour should be white.
Pyramid push ups
Place both hands in a triangle formation on top of each other, push downwards and upwards, feet on ground behind you.
Visualize yourself in front of an egyptian pyramid and breathe deeply. Visualize yourself sitting down after you finish and drinking a glass of cola. You have survived.
10 Weighted conditioning
1 To use weights will offer greater boon than to train without 2 but it will drain your 3 strength reserves and you will find you cannot do it as often as without. 4 weights are dangerous and take time to get used to 5 as you train with weights, 6 you will find you cannot do as many repetitions as with as you started with 7 and you will find your actual physical strength 8 increase drastically. 9 Your body definition will increase and your physical health will take an upwards leap 10 here is how to train with weights. 11 bear in mind visualizations are not given, 12 but breathing is given in instruction format
13 Curl
Sit on a flat seat, and curl the weight in over the thigh. repeat. Remember to breathe deeply
14 hammer curl
Stand and hold the weight at the center. Pull the weight upward and release downwards. Remember to breath deeply
15 Karate weight
Hold the weight at the center standing, and punch outwards. Repeat. Breath deeply.
16 weighted squat
squat thrust with the two weights in both hands. Breath deeply.
17 Back press
Pull two weights upwards with both hands. Repeat. Breathe deeply.
18 weighted sit up
lie on the floor and place the weights on the chest. Sit upwards. Repeat. Breath deeply.
19 Side pull
pull the weights up at the sides of the body. Repeat. Breath deeply.
20 Front raise
Raise two weights held at the center in front of the body. Repeat. Breath deeply.
11 Ballet
1 Ballet is an artform that can be determined as dance. 2 It is french in origin 3 but is practiced all over the world 4 It uses free flowing and sustained movements to gracefully express emotion and 5 powerful imagery. 6 Here we will express 3, elements of ballet that can be determined as ballet core.
slow sustained movements that make up the core of ballet. Hold the movements. Sustain the movements. Free the movements. Love the movments.
air en 'l
Jumping kicks and motions. Jump, leap, flying through the air. Hold the legs in the air, gracefully landing. Do not go all out all at once. Love the movements.
Holding one leg in the air and rotating it around to the rear or front. Hold the legs. Feel the motion. Love the motion.
12 Attacking
1 we could go into a whole book on 2 attacking and fighting in the 3 crimouskukikeZe or ninjutsu art here, 4 but we will instead talk of the best way. 5 The best way protects the face and lower body, 6 and allows for attacking and leaping. 7 The hypothesize is simple 8: evade the opponent while parrying strikes 9 and use light force to wear them down. 10 Here is how to adopt the stance:
11 One hand above by the face
12 One hand clenched fist down
13 One leg straight
14 One leg knee bent toes on floor
15 Now for attacks
upper body
tickle -pince the opponent and use light strokes with the fingers
ikme toreeforce jab-with a thumb flat palm grip jab at the opponent
shikanken(deathblow)-with the thumb on top of the fingers of the hand, jab upwards to the enemys throat
19 lower body
20 Slash kick - A sideways kick delivered by the foot to the gut of the enemy.
21 jump kick - A jumping kick delivered to the enemy.
22 jab kick - a kick delivered to the shin of the enemy with the sole of the foot.
23 Force kick - a frontal kick, normally to the gut of the enemy
24 round house - kick upwards and pull the foot down reverse diagonally
25 reverse spin kick - jump forwards back wards and kick with the prefered leg. right is right, left is left.
26 Emergency techniques
27 shoulder ram - ram the enemy with your shoulder
28 buttock raid - run at the enemy and leap. Hit the enemy with your buttocks
13 Defence
1 defence is important as it allows us to build an understanding 2 of the enemy and figure out how to deal with them. 3 if defence is negelected, you will find yourself 4 at a loss on 5 how to fight effectively 6 against 90% of adversaries out there. 6 we will discuss defence here.
7 guard of the paw
lean into the enemys upper limb attack, and strike back.
8 double guard
guard with fists up with both arms
9 kick guard
punch downwards and block the enemys kick or gut blow
10 leg guard
Guard with the legs against attack.

14 Meditation
1 Meditation is key to a sound mind, as a martial artist, 2 meditation will also help you strengthen your legs and body 3. The techniques shown here, 4 will help you to achieve the said results. 5 when combined with kuji-in 6 you will find your strength levels increase ten-fold.
7 varja
sit cross legged 8 one foot on top of the other leg 9, place the right hand in the left10 and touch the thumbs 11 breath deeply
12 seiza
kneel on a surface or pillow, 13 and breathe deeply.
15 magic
1 ninja magic is something that can help us greatly expand our minds 2 and strength mechanics 3 if we take the way it works, using the hands to channel energies, it 4 is obvious it is not just a foolish ploy. Here we will talk of one technique 5 that is used by ninjas the world over:6 rin.
7 rin
all fingers interlocked, middle fingers extended.
then say: om bai shira mama taya swaha
breath deeply and visualize a red light descending from heaven, igniting a flame at your base of the spine. You are strong too. Remember this.
16 Crystals and materia.
1 You may know of the concept or mantra 2 "We reveal all lives!!!" 3 but who first said this? The huge materia. 4 TheCRYSTAL. Or Penny Saves California, a crystals belonging to me, the author of this book, 5 adopted this mantra, as a forefront to the power 6 of the cryatal. 7 The materia then adopted the mantra "Whats mine is mine, whats yours is yours. Just leave it alone 8 don't, forget it." 9 The crystal is a multi use tool. It can aid sleep, repair clothes, charge food drink, 10 and items, 11 even prolong mortal life. 12 It has the effect of the drug abilify. 13 It increases sex drive with exertion and 14 cures depression. 15 It is like holding an orgasm constantly. 16 It so forth, increases fertility. 17 The materia casts magic. Here is how materia works:
18 Green:Base chakra materia.
19 Clear:Materia boosting materia
20 Black:Speed materia
21 Red:Limit materia
22 Yellow:Intelligence materia
23 Purple:Luck materia
24 Grey:Pain reliving materia
25 Silver:Luck + materia
26 Gold:Luck Beta materia
27 Blue:All materia, casts magic on all surrounding
28 Orange: Blood materia
29 White:Holy materia, heals wounda and wards demons. The most powerful materia.
Now 30 onto crystals.
31 Green: Blood cleansing
31 Clear: ticklish crystals
32 Black: Darkside crystals
33 Red: fire crystals
34 yellow: Sunlight cryatals
35 Purple: Luck crystals
36 Grey: Intelligence crystals
37 Silver: Luck + crystals
38 Gold: Luck beta crystals
39 Blue: Cleansing crystals
40 Orange: Like a candy
41 White: Strength + crystals
You can buy materia 42 as marbles or round stones.
43 You can use crystals by placing them in a circle 44 and you in the center. 44 This will prolong your consciousness for a long time.
45 "We crystals reveal all lives!!!"-Penny Saves California
46 You can get a constant "Limit" effect by using i)( a wristlet. 47 Here are the ones we sell
48 Time bracer: A 1 slot bracer with a time piece powered by kinetic and materia energy.
49 Crystal bangle: The most expensive. 3 slots. We make these for custom built. They house crystals you buy with the crystal bangle. Very expensive, made from magnesium 50 and iron silver.
51 Titan linklet: A good choice. Made from onyx, copper and iron 52 two slots, linked by magnets.
53 Titan bangle: a cheap option, because of mass production 54 two unlinked slots, made of iron and copper.
54 iron bangle: a cheaper option. 55 made of iron. 56 one slot.
57 wizer braclet: 8 slots. made of titanium.
58 silver bangle: expensive. 4 slots. 59 made of silver
60 gold bangle: expensive. 4 slots. Made of gold studded with platinum
61 SOLIDIER beta: If you are a military soldier or law enforcement officer we sell these for 5% discount. Give your 62 serial, rank, id code, and squad car number 63 and we will discount for you 64 4 slots, 2 linked by magnets.
65 Weapons are available. We can only legally sell staffs, made of wood, to minors, but we also sell metal staffs 66 here are i)( our products 67 Gainsbourough fetish: A 6ft wooden staff made of oak wood, has a picture of Aeris Gainsborough showing soles 68 of her feet on the center with the words 69 eirtih gaineborkue . 2 slots
70 Sidney Ricketts. : A 8ft metal staff with Sidney Ricketts naked on each end. Made 71 of iron and silver. 72 in the center are the words 73 "Trove sellece drenshitte!!!!" 74 4 slots
74 Spice staff :A 5ft staff made with hysopp bark and acacia wood. 75 3 slots, 2 linked by magnets
76 Dragon unit : An 8 slot 10ft staff with a snake dragon carving. Made of acacia wood and iron.
77 Here how our slotted weapons work.
78 We use a iron center, with a soldiered magnet, filled with liquid rubber, heat 79 treated to dry. Your materia or crystal goes in there.
i(I do believe...?!Hmm.)
Closing remarks
The art of crimouskukikeZe is as noble of the righteousness of the english knights of the round table. The ninjas and ballerinas that follow this art, believe in God, lorraine Edith and the Gods, and they also watch their consumption of sustenances. Eternal mortal life is a reality. How can death hold a pure being, or hold ticklishness, it is impossible. What you need for eternal mortal life is training, God, the Gods and a cigarette. Failing that, do the splits training. This will bring you closer to ticklish joy. If you burn all your troubles away or simply embrace ticklishness, you will find joy.

If you would like to drop me a line, you can do so at:
thank you for your time..
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