How to live.

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How to live.

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:28 pm

You are, a barefooter or mentally ill person who is sound of mind.
This probably means, more than likely you are a hybrid of a human, or vampire.
This may be hard at first, but with the right education, you can lead a happy and full barefoot life, as a hybrid.
First of all. Why you are going barefooted, is because in your back are growing wings. Your legs because of this, are stronger than normal human legs. You can live barefooted for eternity, and your life class is arch.
Archvile, ArchSilver, Archguile, this means you are a demon. Your resurrection is down to yourself. You cannot die. You will notice Jesus will not speak with you. He cannot come into you. God, on the other hand, will help you. He is all understanding.

Wait there did you know. You can, wear shoes Just tickle yourself. You'll find wearing footwear becomes easier. You are barefooted because of lack of current, radiation, voltage, resistance, distance and data. The elements of tickle. if you tickle yourself, you can, wear, shoes. Just run the fingers lightly over the body where desired.

The feeding you should be doing is of fowl and poultry. You need to get a chicken and roast it. You will find, if you do this regularly, your wings will grow in time more quickly. You can also eat eggs and bacon. This is a cheaper more effective alternative. Add some French bread of sorts and mayonnaise with hot sauce to taste for a blood substitute. Only feed when 'You know it is right.' You can meditate cross legged one foot tucked into the thigh, over foot bracing to feed when you are stationary in a safe place. This will also impart wisdoms of God.

Milkshakes are good to drink, if you meditate a lot. Choose the chocolate powder, add Lucozade original to taste and use a shaker to mix.

You need a garnet stone. This stone, will give you the heat(Jin)energy you need to grow your wings. Do not carry anything except a Garnet stone or set of stones you feel comfortable with. If you do you will become overactive and psychotic as a human/vampire hybrid. That said, pick 4-6 stones of your choosing, but do not pick more than that. Stones of the heart and base chakra are good.

Walking barefoot is a nature of the human/vampire hybrid. We are called Weasels(low level human)or Vampire angels;salamifiha felvame(High level vampire hybrids).Weasels have black wings like bats, but Vampire Angels;Salamifiha felvame have feathered wings. We are ticklish. We love to have our feet tickled rather than massaged, and should link up to do a little tickling. If you are ticklish, you are more than likely a Weasel or Vampire Angel;salamifiha Felvame.

There is but more but these are staple basics. I proffer you to stay a little longer.

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